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Given a template visible on the slide and, basd on their assumptions, describd what an ideal candidate looks like in their opinion. What surprisd me was that we were making a division into proto-farms and proto-personas. We wonderd not only what a given person should be like, but also what kind of farm he should take care of. Then, with the perspective of different people, we creatd one proto-persona, one farm after a short discussion to know specifically which target group to go to.

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An it turnd out that we narrowd the proto-persona a bit too much. It came out already during recruitment, so later Latest Mailing Database we expandd it a bit, but it was important that we had a specific goal at the very beginning. We knew who to go to. Kamil:I will only add that the recruitment results. the problems at the very beginning mentiond by Damian, are also a kind of information that the market gives us.

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Then we had reason to believe that the proto-persona we defind had a raison d’être and made sense basd on, for example, the Desk CPA Email List Research from which we had access to the data. However, it turnd out in practice that it is not so colorful. Hence the change and the attention to the fact that we recordd every such change in recruitment and in the content of research and so on on an ongoing basis and also treatd it as a kind of input of data collectd from the market.

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