Are Plugins Mandatory for WordPress

Yes, plugins are very important to wordpress based websites.

Although wordpress itself already has many functions, there are still many things that are still incomplete.

It’s still not perfect.

With the right selection, it will greatly help the performance of your website to work well, and increase the functionality of the website so that it is more perfect.

With the presence of more than 40 thousand types of plugins in the WordPress repository (not including premium ones), it is difficult for us to choose which plugins are good and which are not.

Therefore the best way to fill that void is to get the right plugin

In this article, I’ve listed some plugins that for me Phone Number List are must-haves that will help your website go from good to great!

I list the plugins that I personally use, including plugins for SEO, Caching, Anti-Spam, Analytic, Social Sharing and Backup.

It has been used by me for several years and has proven to work perfectly.

Most importantly, all of this is FREE!

7 Mandatory Plugins for WordPress
You should know that the best code for plugins is: The less number of plugins, the better for wordpress.

Therefore we should choose what is really important and give function only.

This is my best list so far:

1. Jetpack
plugin jetpack untuk wordpressTop of the list and most important for me is Jetpack.

What is a jetpack and how does it work?

Jetpack is a plugin built by Automattic the same people who build WordPress itself

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It is also supported by a forum and a developer engineer CPA Email List who will help you with every problem.

The jetpack function replaces many required plugins with just one plugin.

Only activate the required modules.

It includes many necessary functions from social sharing facilities to blog security.

It’s easy to install, easy to set up and easy to learn. It’s a very solid plugin.

A common problem is when we use many plugins on the blog.

Not only does it drastically decrease the website speed performance, but it interferes with the code, security and other functions of your blog.

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