Categories Are Mandatory but They Are General

While on the website, the index (tags) is found at the bottom of the article [please refer to the tags section below this post]

An index will help readers find information quickly without having to read the entire book.

Simply focus on the term you are looking for and then go to the page containing the term.

Likewise with the function of tags on a blog site.

Now we will detail this from the wordpress point of view:

You see the idea here Categories are mandatory but they are general

There is a need to classify each post you write into a specific Whatsapp Mobile Number List category. (you can also classify one post into several categories)

Tag dalam wordpress
category dan tagTags are used to mark certain topics.

Usually tags are categorized based on the content or section contained in your post.

Tags are optional, but they are specific (micro-data)

We use this example:

Your blog is about tourism.

For example, there is an article about interesting places in Kuala Terengganu, so you can tag the article with a term or list of words related to the content, such as:

And any tags that feel appropriate and related to the content of the article.

An article can be tagged more than once.

It’s like a filtering system to filter the content you’re looking for, to be more specific with what your readers need.

Try to see how I use the tag function at the end of this article below.

What is the main importance of Category and Tag to the website

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As you already know, the main purpose of categories and tags is to CPA Email List make it easier for visitors to explore the contents of your blog.

But, most critically, it becomes the backbone of a website, enlightening search engines to recognize the structure of your website’s content .

Using it correctly will be a boost to SEO.

And because it remains on the website, it is impossible to change it later without affecting backlinks, ranking in search engines and inviting 404 error problems.

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