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Rental cars have proven to be a cost-effective solution. Compliance with new emission requirements is an additional factor – here too we can act in an advisory capacity. While it was there before the pandemic, awareness of sustainable travel and its positive impact on climate change has increasd. Shard vehicles and carpooling are effective solutions that support employees while helping to rduce the carbon footprint.

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However, we often experience a certain degree of uncertainty among our customers in connection with electric cars and vehicles with Latest Mailing Database alternative fuels. The same applies to options for rducing mileage and adjusting travel policies to promote sustainable employee behavior. How is Enterprise preparing for the mobility of tomorrow? Advising our customers has become much more important: together we collect and analyze data before we develop a suitable solution.

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We then create or update the travel guidelines so that they are not only consistent today – but also in the near future. Our corporate CPA Email List customers continue to enjoy the highest priority. You get access to the right vehicles at the desird locations throughout the rental period. So that they can ensure appropriate and safe mobility for their employees. We are also investing in alternative fuel vehicles: across Europe we now offer plug-in electric vehicles (PEV) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV), as well as self-charging hybrid and hydrogen-powerd cars.

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