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Some actions, such as negative opinions, directly affect the company’s image and are difficult to counteract effectively. White Hat SEO is a completely different type of practice. A better and more effective positioner wins, but none of the actions leads to the destruction of the company’s opinion on the web. We recommend How to promote yourself on Instagram so that customers fall in love again? How to check if you have fallen victim to deposition? Depositioning is not a very common practice. Most companies do not want to risk legal consequences. Conscious entrepreneurs also bear in mind that often the effects are disproportionate to the time and budget allocate for deposition.

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Nevertheless, this situation can happen, so here are some simple steps to help you determine if your site is depositione. Knowing that your site has been attacke by negative SEO is crucial in the fight against fraudulent practices. However, before you whatsapp mobile number list start judging, think about whether this is really the result of the competition’s actions. Think if you have recently made any changes that could affect the position of the website on the web. Check for a recent major Google algorithm update. Perhaps this is the reason for the drop in the ranking.

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You can also visit your competitor’s sites and try to assess whether there have been any changes to their site that make them rank higher. Maybe there was a lot of valuable content on them? Or they prepare a great campaign? If you are sure that none CPA Email List of the above mentione things have happene, you can assume that it is the effect of negative SEO. When you notice that any of these factors apply to your site, you should start to counteract it. A large, but above all, a sudden drop in website traffic is the most common effect of Black Hat SEO. If you see it in your place and you have rule out other possibilities that could lead to a decline, you have most likely fallen victim to deposition.

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