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If your employee reports that they nee training to solve a particular problem, make an appointment for this training. If another employee says they want to improve their monthly reports to be consistent across the organization, don’t say, “But we’ve always done it this way!” If you think it’s a bad idea, ask him to explain why and listen calmly. Note – there is a chance that he may be right because he has been doing this task longer than you and knows every detail of the subject. we are doing good Take care of feeback Has your employee resolve an important dispute between the company and a customer.

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Let him know that you appreciate his effort. As the results of the report “The Power of Appreciation 2021” show, as many as 99% of people participating in the study said that being appreciate in the workplace is very important to them. Regardless database of age, gender or industry. In turn, if the employee did not meet the require deadline, talk to him about it. Give your employees regular feeback so they know what they did well and what they nee to work on. Interestingly, the report mentione above also shows that only 54% of respondents felt that they were appreciate at work.


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In practice, this means that almost half of them did not have such feelings. And it should be remembere that an underestimate employee does not feel connecte to the organization and is not motivate to work as well as possible. On the other CPA Email List hand, listen to your employees as well. their ideas. reservations. suggestions. Remind yourself how much effort you went to to hire the best experts on the market. There’s no point in hiring good people if you’re going to treat them like robots. They are not robots. Listen to what they have to say. Talk to them. Get their feeback. Show that you care about employees’ personal lives As much as possible, take an interest in the personal lives of your employees.

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