The same time thanks to monitoring

Mentions about it also appear on the Onet forum, and their subject matter is very wide – from politics, through tourism, to job advertisements, bicycle, football, volleyball forums, etc. All the mentione places and other sources are carefully observe by the commune and, whenever the context of the statement allows, it joins the discussion. Ms. Dorota Zielińska, Mayor’s Assistant for Information Policy, reaches the recipients officially as an office or on its behalf. gorakalwaria21 At, the commune keeps its finger on the pulse, as in the case of an entry with questionable content that appeare on one of the forums in a refugee center locate in the Góra Kalwaria commune. His finding made it possible to transfer the case to the relevant services.

A large number of mentions

High calvary5 Social mood monitoring A of and allows to read social moods. Therefore, when Ryszard Petru include Góra Kalwaria in the so-calle Poland B during his speech, it did not go unnotice on the Internet. Internet users did not pass by his Latest Mailing Database words indifferently: “Just leave Warsaw to the south. Góra Kalwaria – Poland B. There you can already see that it is different, and the further you go – Ciechanów, Łomża, it really is a pity. You can see that really little has change there in 20-25 years.” First of all, his slip-up in which he move Łomża and Ciechanów from north to south was not overlooke and was celebrate with the hashtag GeografiaPetru.

Latest Mailing Database

A specific topic proves its importance

Secondly the video of the speech was share hundres of times – it always had a negative connotation. Seeing the confusion around this topic, sensing CPA Email List the social mood and disagreeing with the classification of Góra Kalwaria as Poland B, Mrs. Dorota Zielińska turne to the leader of .Nowoczesna on Twitter with a rather special invitation.

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