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However, since even the president has an account on TikTok (actually he had it until August, because he already delete it), McDonald’s recruits via Snapchat , and Burberry has a store on WeChat , then smaller platforms should also be mentione. On Facebook, the most popular Polish companies are Orange and Play. On YouTube, the authors of most of the most popular channels collaborate with brands from time to time, and the video often contains an advertising message. It is also difficult to separate brands from influencers on Instagram, because Anna Lewandowska.

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Ewa Chodakowska are both stars and faces of companies or businesswomen. Social meia – is it possible not to use them today? So is social meia mandatory today? Rather yes. It is worth noting that even most of the noble brands associate with phone number list quality and class (tailors from Savile Road or the oldest stores in the world from Japan) also have their profiles in at least some social meia. The problem of a company that does not even have a Facebook profile is not this fact in itself. The problem may be that her clients cannot contact her quickly and find all the information they nee.

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Meanwhile, the competition responds instantly on Messenger, gives advice on YouTube, and even sells via an Instagram account social meia. The well-known rule is to start with one platform that is closest to your heart, instead of opening many different channels at once. It is also important to remember that regularity and fresh information CPA Email List count in social meia. If the last post is months or years ago, the customer may get the impression that the company is down or in trouble. Therefore, if you start to be active on social meia, it is worth continuing it systematically. Posts do not have to appear every day, but it is important to connect with customers once in a while. Community blog Youtube is a grateful meium. Many even famous brands have only a few clips lasting from several dozen seconds to several minutes.

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