Perform A Product Visual Inspection

Once the product arrives at the seller’s door, it is important to do a visual inspection of the product before accepting it.

Check for scratches, damage, or signs that the packaging has been tampered with. Check both the outer packaging and the main item for signs of damage.

If you have reason to believe that the product has been tampered with, you can reject the item and the incident will be reported to Shopee.

This is important because if you receive a product that you later find faulty or has been hacked, you can no longer appeal to Shopee even if the item was no longer working when it was returned to you.

A Word of Caution About Product Returns

As simple as the process of database returning a Shopee product is, many complications can also occur when the product is delivered to you.

There have been sellers who reported that they shipped a fully functional product but when it was returned to them it was no longer usable. Some of the complaints include items being taken away and stones replaced. And others never receive their item after receiving a product return request.

How to Be Cautious During Product Return Shipments


Due to the scenarios mentioned, it is important to be vigilant when your product reaches you for product return.

Here are some pointers you can include to ensure the safe arrival of your returned product:

  • Monitor the status of your shipments regularly
  • Check to see if you have a shipment that says return shipping. Returns started and then log that in an excel file or log book
  • Monitor status every 12 hours
  • Be aware of discrepancies and file a complaint with the PSC immediately
  • Make sure you get your PSC ticket number at the end of your interaction
  • Check your SOA two to four weeks after the claim

Losing sales due to product returns is CPA Email List not a dead end. You can always resell an item to another buyer. Worse things can happen if you fail to be vigilant. If you ever find yourself in this type of scenario, you can at least refer to the tips above to keep you from getting into an unwanted situation.

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