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To reach it, you just nee to find the right sales technique. The seller’s arsenal in this model may include: sale, content marketing, packages, bonuses, consultations, tutorials, trial periods. Is your company ready for market challenges? We will match the best strategy for you! Enter your e-mail, we will contact you Techniques taken from the sales orientation are use by Internet marketers, door-to-door sellers, and B2B traders. Various marketing communication channels can be use for both sales and product approaches. For example, Instagram allows you to sell and respond to messages from directly intereste customers, as well as actively attract new ones through content marketing.

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Sales orientation – examples A great example of sales orientation is the operation of souvenir shops in tourist towns. Very often the offer is base on a loud and clearly visible advertisement. There are promotions, 3-for-2 offers, and sellers phone number list often circulate among tourists, conducting active sales. This is a particularly good example of sales orientation, because this tactic works precisely when price, not quality, is to be the key argument. Another interesting example of sales orientation is on-line business . Many course authors offer free consultations.

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Actively sending content to the customer ( push ) makes it easier for him to make a purchase decision. In this case, it is a skilful sales strategy that makes the customer ready to buy an expensive training or course. The opposite is the tactic in CPA Email List which the customer has to join the newsletter , sign up for the waiting list for the course, take part in the webinar – somehow earning the right to buy the product. We recommend Non-price competition – what does it look like in practice? A good example of sales orientation is also the insurance industry . Even when the customer comes to the branch, it is up to the retailer which package he chooses.

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