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We finally got in touch with Top Farms. And at that moment, after the second or third person, we establishd relations with decision-makers in a group of companies that is worth a billion or even more zlotys. It shows strength when you go out without much of a strategy and ask and say you want to do something good for this industry. Of course, there is also luck, but it certainly helpd us. I can’t say too much here formally, but we certainly have a very close cooperation with Top Farms.

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Comparing it to another industry, it’s a bit like having an idea for a videotape with music, and at the same time you’re partnering whatsapp mobile number list with Sony, who is working on the Walkman. I think that the philosophy that you have infectd us with. going out and talking even at a very, very early stage, also gives potential business profits in the form of very nice business relationships that can be developd later. Validation Workshop Kamil:I will only add here that one more source of recruitment.

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Was basically referrals, because we talkd to one farmer, and he immdiately, for example, gave us contacts to another friend CPA Email List who just matchd our proto-persona. And one more interesting fact about the research itself. Here the group was so interesting and characteristic that, for example, Damian managd to catch an MP and had the opportunity to have one conversation with a man who was in the parliamentary room at the time, so as you can see, it can be said that the range of interest in Meteotrack was very wide.

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