Where Can You Find Your Seo Score

This is not the type of information you can get from your Lazada/Shopee account. There is a specific formula that will be use to achieve your SEO score.

If you have your own eCommerce website, you may have to check with your domain authority. Site load time, sitemap, robots.txt, meta content, headers, tags, and content on the site. Also, getting your SEO score may also require you to test some of your keywords.

But as a Lazada/Shopee seller, your SEO Score is out of reach as it is mostly a selling platform.

But when you subscribe to Split Dragon, you will get exclusive access to your SEO Score for each of your products from Shopee and Lazada in addition to a host of other features that will help improve your overall SEO.

If you want to give the SEO assessment a try, Split Dragon offers a 7-day trial period so you can dip your toe in the water first.

How is Split Dragon’s SEO Score Different from Lazada’s Quality Score?

But when you start using Split whatsapp mobile number list Dragon, maybe you will notice something similar between its features and also what is provided for free by Lazada platform.

When you create a product listing, Lazada has a feature called Lazada Quality Score. So when you go into Split Dragon and then you sync your roster, you’ll see a feature called Split Dragon Score.

At first glance, they both look the same because they provide product listing measurements to let you know if they’re good enough or if they still need improvement.

Despite the similarities the main differences between them are these

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Lazada Quality Score relates to the efficiency of your product listings. Taking a look will let you know if you can still improve your listing.

Meanwhile, the Split Dragon SEO CPA Email List Where Can You Find Your Seo Scoreassessment measures the performance of your product listings. Therefore, it displays data that can help you improve your SEO to drive more sales to your products.

If you’re ready to take your search rankings to the next level, contact Split Dragon today and see how we can help.

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