EMAIL LIST What Factors Affect Search Ranking On Shopee

Apart from the technical aspects of SEO, your product listings also play a role in your search rankings, not to mention the overall performance of your store. Here is a list of Shopee store attributes that you should pay attention to:

Product Title
At this point, you should return to keyword research because your product title should contain your keywords. It’s the first thing your customer will notice. With that in mind, select the keywords that are the best descriptions for your product.

The product title is a communication contest. Whichever product description wins will be the description the customer clicks on.

Bullet Points
Keywords also need to be placed in your bullet points, but they still need to be accurate. Otherwise, it will impact your product review

The Shopee search engine looks at both SEO

and store performance. The more sales you have for a particular product, the more Shopee will be willing to show your product listing at a higher position in the SERPs.

The same rule applies to sales and reviews. You will notice on Shopee that product listings with positive reviews are prioritized in search rankings.

Charge Attribute
While some product list attributes are optional, we strongly recommend that you fill out all of them.

Buyers like products that have complete information. This will have a positive impact on sales (or even reviews) and will definitely lead to higher search rankings.

What Factors Affect Search Latest Mailing Database Ranking On Lazada?
There is a slight difference between Lazada and Shopee when it comes to search ranking factors to consider. Check our list below:

Product Title
As mentioned, product titles should contain keywords. At the same time, titles must be strategically formulated to drive more clicks.

What you can do on your part is to convince buyers

Latest Mailing Database

that your brand is genuine and authentic. The visual appeal of your store will influence your search rankings as they are closely related to sales. Product image
Similar to visual appeal, product images also have an impact on your sales. Therefore, it has a close relationship with your search ranking.

Reviews The Lazada algorithm seems to consider reviews as a determinant of whether you will be placed on the first page of SERPs or not.

Charge Attribute
Similar to Shopee, completing your CPA Email List product information makes buyers trust you more. This makes them more likely to buy and therefore increases your search ranking.

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