How To Efficiently Manage Product Returns On Shopee

Returns of Shopee products result in lost sales. Losing a sale is bad. But it’s not just lost sales. Shopee product returns can quickly go from bad to worse as is the experience of most online sellers. This is why it is so important that you get used to managing your returns efficiently and effectively.

List of content What is Shopee Product Returns? When a customer receives a product and finds that the latter is unsatisfactory then he can submit a return request.

Once approved, the parcel will be returned to the seller and the buyer’s payment will be credited back to his account.  When Does Product Returns Apply?

OK, but how is anyone supposed to know if a product can still be returned? Of course, the buyer cannot return the product after it has been received simply for a change of mind.

If a buyer requests the return of a product, the item must first check the box for one or more of the following conditions:

Shopee Product Return Process

Buyers from the Shopee marketplace have a maximum of 5 days to submit a product return request using the Shopee app. After this period, any requests to return the product will no longer be accepted.

In fact, buyers who transact from Shopee Mall or overseas sellers have 7 days to make these transactions.

The seller will be given two days phone number list to accept or reject the request. If this time period passes without your response, the request will be accepted automatically.

A courier will stop at the buyer’s place to pick up the parcel.

And the package must be sent to the seller within 5 days (for marketplace and Shopee mall). But if it is a package from abroad, the goods must be sent to the seller within 3 days.

The buyer is responsible for following up on Shopee if the courier does not come to pick up the package. Conversely, if the product return period has passed, the product return request may no longer be accepted.

Perform a Product Visual Inspection

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Once the product arrives at the seller’s door, it is important to do a visual inspection of the product before accepting it.

Check for scratches, damage, or signs that the packaging has been tampered with. Check both the outer packaging and the main item for signs of damage.

If you have reason to believe that CPA Email List the product has been tampered with, you can reject the item and the incident will be reported to Shopee.

This is important because if you receive a product that you later find faulty or has been hacked, you can no longer appeal to Shopee even if the item was no longer working when it was returned to you.

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